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Red Dwarf Light Bee


Image of Red Dwarf Light Bee

New from JMC.
Model 5.M3G-H33D V2.0 Holoprojection mobility unit.

This is my take on the Lightbee from Red Dwarf, You know the little thing that buzzes around inside Rimmer projecting his image. It was upgraded by Legion, from 'Soft' Light to 'Hard' Light, making him nearly invulnerable, but you wouldn't notice from his yellow streak.

I say this is 'my take' because the damn thing looks different in virtually every episode it appears in. Its closer to the version seen in the last episode it featured in (Series X 'Trojan')

3D Printed in high quality PLA and using strong neodymium magnets to 'float' the lightbee
The stand is just over 8" tall and the lightbee itself is just over 3 1/2" long

This makes a great little desk toy, but I wouldn't recommend trying to swallow it. Your diet would need to be only vindaloo and leopard lager for it to get close to be passing through your system